My Room at the Mammoth Mountain Inn

This is my building on the McMurdo beach.. it has 20 rooms. The MMI rooms are usually reserved for couples because it's very close quarters. Tapestries work well for privacy.

A glance from my roommates side of the room. The room is about 12' x 8'... meaning I get a whooping 6' x 8' half. More room than most tents ;)

A few days ago I went to Hotel Cal (next to MMI and NSF Headquarters) to hop on a computer and found a box of free stuff. A lady and I dug through it, she took the American Bald Eagle picture from Sri Lanka, and I grabbed this. How ironic.

Looking at my wee space from the doorway. I don't have enough pictures/tapestries to cover the dirty white walls, so I use an extra blanket.

I love Canada.

Looking at the door.

This fake tree has been a lifesaver. It brings some feng shui to my room and I don't know what I would have done with it. Found it in a dumpster. The tree takes up most of the space in my half of the room, oh well, it's necessary, my roomie has to dodge it just to get out of the door haha. Ah, just the thought of real trees...

Looking back towards Eli's half of the room. Eli is in two bands at McMurdo and does photography. We get along great and our schedules work out perfect. He eats a lot of Ramon noodles so our room always has an oriental aroma to it.

Right across our room is the men's bathroom. Great location. Since there are less than 40 people in our double-double-wide two-story trailer on skis it's rather quiet compared to building 155 or the others. Most of the residents are girls and the only noise that keeps me up at night are 'Giggle Parties' from the neighbors. In fact, the couple to the right of us had so many complaints about the giggle parties to the left of us that Housing moved them one room over and moved Eli and I in the middle to act as a giggle party noise buffer. Going to bed my ear drums are bombarded by so many giggles and I can do nothing but laugh, what are girls these girls doing?