Down by the Beach

The sun finally showed itself today after 2 weeks of gloomy cloud cover and I went for a hike by the ice sheet. I came across some interesting ice formations.

Around the bend of Ob Hill Loop I saw a bunch of lazy seals sunbathing next to a pool in the ice. The sounds they make are so deep. I think their brain frequencies are frequently on some deep vibratory level. Most of the time they just sit there yawning and smaking their tails against the ice. Every few minutes you could hear some clicking and echoes under the ice.

Here you can see vehicular tracks cut across right next to where the seals hang out.

I was trying to figure out what they were communicating about. Ahh, the sun is so nice? Hey the vessel is comming? The ice is melting? Some dude on the hill staring us? Open hole over here under ice seals?

The Ob Hill Loop trail.

The urban heat sink at Ross Island... McMurdo Station. Warm water discharge melts the ice near the shoreline. The most coastal melt I came across on my 4 mile hike was right in front of the staiton.