How Remote Stations Get Water = Melt Snow

At Runway there was a giant steel bin that was always steaming from the inside. I took a glance inside once and saw a bunch of snow. Next to our galley sink was a sign saying DO NOT DRINK. Need water = melt sow. Downfall is that it takes a gas generator to produce heat to melt the snow, and cross contanimation occurs as it gets loaded into and sits inside the melt box. I think a solar water heating system (using the colour black as a catalyst for melt inside tubing or barrels) would work great in the summer.


Cat in the Box Generator

This diesel power generator is compacted into a large container, starting next Monday the Cat is going to be let out of the Box and it's going to power our station.

Off-grid Workshop: Yurts

I think one day I would like to get a bunch of land, not really buy, but just share, and build a yurt. Or at least something of that nature that flows harmoniously with nature. Doesn't take more than a few weeks to assemble, if not days, and costs less than 15,000 for a mid-sized one. Very eco-friendly, flexible, and reminds me of a big tent... and I love tents. Here is the powerpoint from tonight's lecture. In a couple days the ship arrives, next Thursday I give the final presentation for our workship on 'The Global Scene of Alternative Energy Systems and the Future of Off-grid Living', and in 20 days I migrate to Melbourne, Australia... where is it was 104 degrees yesterday, and it's about 0 degrees right now in McMurdo. Stay Tuned.