Random XMAS

A cool shot of the Ross Island Wind Farm and the station by a fellow McMurdian.

Santa at the South Pole. I was visited by Yoda instead.

We really need a new bag.


Wintry Wonderland

Here's the final product stemming from my prep this morning. Chickpea and tomato provencal with sweet honey mustard sauce and whole wheat tortillas. Next time around I'm going to put out a cheese sauce too. It needed something else to chill the yummy garlic.
I have 36 hours off, time to relax and explore...


More Snow

Snow on chocolate covered strawberries.

Wild rice and bean vegetable strudels. A lathered an olive aiolo ontop.

Cilantro and fresh lime baked cod.

I stoll the Camargo idea of honey and tarragon roasted chicken and did honey and toasted sliced almond chicken with a sprinkle of thyme... so much time.

Outside it keeps snowing. It's neat because every once in a while it gets warm, like 40 degrees, for an hour or two. Everything turns slushy, icicles form, then it gets really cold and everything freezed. We've had three freeze-thaw events today.

One of our PM cooks forgot to turn the slow cooker on last night. 100 lbs. of roast went to food waste. If only we had a system in place to reuse the food waste, i.e. methane capture or heating element.

Yah man, this sucks. Go grab more meat brother cuz we're going to need it tomorrow.

Then after lunch I come back to the McMurdo Flood of 2009. I heard Leon giggling like a little girl in the salad room, and that's when I know it's bad. Another PM cook forgot to turn off the water faucet after washing the apples, it ran for about 20 minutes until Leon found it. Swimming pool anyone? Ice rink? How about a wave pool? The simple things that happen throughout the day amuse me.

Then, I walk out of the salad room and see this. I saw it earlier, but thought it was from the salad room flood. Oh no, that's not that same flood, this is an entirely seperate case. Two floods at the same time. A volunteer was cleaning our ovens, and forgot to turn off the water. What are the odds of this?

You go girls.

Out back I thought something was burning, no just the diesel power plant. Can't wait until the day McMurdo is 100% off-grid.

More snow.

A thaw event, couple hours ago.




Mix and cook.

Black bean and rice cakes for tomorrow's veg. dish.