Where you from? Where you going?

I was thinking about the seasons last night and put together this map to help me out (cartophiliac?) During the northern summer of '07 I was in Kodiak Alaska working as a backcountry Ranger, spent the winter of '07-'08 in Peterborough, Ontario finishing up my B.Sc. Physical Geography degree. After graduating I went back 'home' to Suburbia in S.W. Ohio. Then took off to Costa Rica to be a lodge Chef (http://www.lacolinalodge.com/amenities.htm). Spent the entire northern summer of '08 cooking and traveling the westside of Costa Rica. I then went back home to gather my bearings. Spent a month or so there, saw a cool storm (Hurricane Ike) reek havoc on the suburbs. Then got the call to go Antarctica, so I flew to Colorado > L.A. > New Zealand > Antarctica. I've been here since Oct. 20 and I am trying to winter over. 9 months of summer so far. Where do I go once I leave the Ice? What does destiny have in store for me? Haha.

I took this 4 months ago on the westside of Costa Rica. There was a giant crocodile hanging out in the lagoon behind me while I ran around on the beach trying to get the palm trees and moon light. Oh to see the night and feel the stars, oh to be able to sleep in black and dance under the auroras. I'd like to get to the S.Pole and fall under the blanket of the long and 100% dark Antarctic winter.