Sustainable Living Workshop: Earthships Continued

Off-grid vs. On-grid. Earthships seek to operate off-grid or in small isolated communities. Last summer I spent 4 months living off-grid in the Alaskan wilderness. Over winter I spent about 8 months in Canada living on-grid. This summer '08 I lived and worked in Costa Rica for 4 months, where all our electricity was from hydropower (remote renewable, sustainable energy grid). And now I'm living and working at McMurdo Station, 100% energy from diesel generators. 45% of the time during the last year and a half I have lived in a sustainable manner. I do not own a house, car, cellphone, or television. No wife, kids, or pets (that travel with). I do own a backpack, one suitcase, a compass, matches, knives, a laptop, some clothing, 2 pairs of flip-flops, combat militry boots, boxing gloves and lots of rocks. My shelters have varied from backcountry cabins, shared campus townhouses, a rainforest lodge, couches, hotels, tarps, tents and now I'm living in the Mammoth Mountain Inn dorm. My needs in life are very simple... food, water, fire, shelter of some sort, and fresh air. My wants in life are harmony between nature and humanity, music, recreation, travel, nutrious and delicious organic foods, and freedom. With my simple needs and desires I can pack up and move to any location on Earth and live with pleasure.