A Shout to My Sistas

It stinks not being able to stuff Emma and Nora into my suitcases and carry them with me around me the world.

The girls have probably grown tons since I've headed South, and the same goes for me. Without everything (my family, Daisy, trees, guitar) you realize what matters. The day I get off the plane in NZ I'm going to run to the nearest tree and just hug it. I've traveled for many years and have spent little time at home, but I'm always thinking about my sisters. They rock and I hope one day they will be rockstar princesses. Have fun in school, remember it's not the grade but the passion that counts, play hard in all the sports and extracurriculars mom has you doing, eat healthy, just flow with the art, get down to the creek as much as possible and build an igloo. If you girls can build one all by yourself I'll send you some Erebus crystals :)

Even though I'm at the very bottom of this planet I'm still right by your side. Have fun during Christmas and I'll be missing yal.