Machine Shop

Big Daddy and Poppa will appreciate this. Here are the guys in the machine shop working on installing new pistons in the giant diesel generators. Back in the 70s we had a giant nuclear plant on OB Hill, located about 50 meters from current room. Then they switched to diesel generators in the 80s. Now in the 2000s they are looking to have 30% of our energy from a wind farm, but rely mostly on the black gold power generators. The NSF (National Science Foundation) has cut back funds dramatically this year on renewable energy projects because it is too costly to switch over. They still love their black gold. In this environment you could not survive without gas, since there are no trees for wood. Perhaps you could live in a cave near the volcano? Or the other alternative would be to burn whale fat, but those creatures are thankfully protected... so in this day and age we could not repeat what the early explorers had to do to make fire and heat.