Food Warehouses

Prior to heading to Antarctica I pulled my dad into Body of Light (metaphysical store in Cincinnati) to visit the clairvoyant psychic Raven. At the time I had put my application for Antarctica, but hadn't got any reply back for several weeks. I thought it was hopeless. But then Raven tells me, you are going and the food you will cook will come frozen in boxes. I laughed by fathers side and she goes, "And he laughs, he thinks I'm kidding." Well maybe she was right.

Nearly all our food that we cook does come frozen in boxes. This is the freeze room.

Note: turn to the left from where I'm standing and you'll find king crab legs.

Here is the 'room temperature' room... or should I say the secondary freeze room. Note: walk straight ahead for cases of 3 Musketeers.

MMs are at the back wall. Wine boxes are in dry food warehouse.

Then again once you start checking out the dates on this stuff... 2003, 1995, 1986... you get kind of... umm not hungry. The candy bars in the gift shop are more than 8 years old, spam has been sitting in the dry food storage for more than a century, and the beef we cooked today was a few years old. Awesome, splendid, food will not perish in Antarctica! Just add salt n' pepper and you'll never taste the difference ;) This sign reads: Will this pallet still be here in 2020? 50/50 chance that yes it will still be there based on what we saw today.