Don't Mess with the Ice

Tourism in Antarctica is not wise. But that's just my opinion.

Tourism in Antarctica


1. Creates stewards of the Antarctic environment
2. Creates funding resources for environmental protection programs
3. Gives a select wealthy group of people pleasure, excitement and feeling of exploration.
4. Funnels more capital from the north latitudes to places like Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand


1. Opens up new environmental risks (litter, boat fuel spills, CO2 air pollution, etc)
2. Domesticates native animals
3. Brings in new invasive species
4. Antarctica is a dangerous and unpredictable environment at many times, risk for tourists
5. Creates collective and global curiosity = more demand to see Antarctica
6. Creates more of a demand for Antarctica's natural resources (i.e., water)
7. There are 45 nations working and living in Antarctica, if one nation mainstreams tourism, will all nations?