A BUG!!!!!!

The coolest thing happened today. I was hunched over scrubbing one of the ovens at the end of the day and something kept bugging my vision. It was like a black dot flying around in the corner of my eye. I rubbed my eyes a few times thinking I got some dirt into them... then I thought maybe I'm seeing things. I looked up finally and didn't see anything. Kept scrubbing and it happened again. What the heck is that flying black dot... looked up a second time and then I saw it... a MOTH. I freaked out shouting for joy... "There's a bug... a bug... Chef look at the bug!" Chef looked at me smirking, "Okay Cody, the bug has been here for about 3 days." I wish there were more bugs... so far I've seen humans, seals, penguins, skuas, and a moth. Things are getting better. The odds of seeing a moth in Antarctica is really really slim and although invasive (like humans) at least it will keep inside.

Thank you moth, you were the highlight of my day. The simple things.