Work still in Progress

So you be wondering what I'm working on, well the ANITA Project offered an art contest this year for folks to paint a 2' x 2' panel for their balloon battery casing. ANITA is a project funded through NASA, in partnership with University of Hawaii, and is in search of neutrinos. Neutrinos appear per every square kilometre about once a centry. The ANITA scientists don't have a centry to run the tests, so they opt to scan the entire Antartica landscape for radio waves created by the particles showers that neutrinos create when they collide with other molecules. Pictures over the balloon/computer can be seen in one of the recent posts.

They gave me first prize for the drawing a did which is in the post 'Work in Progress... to be continued', and being the 110% kid I am I told them I could do two. HAHAHA. I'm not laughing I'm just thinking to myself, OH GEEZ. My deadline is next Wed. I haven't even made the second sketch yet, spent 3 hours trying as seen in the picture about at 11 PM in the vacant dining room, but after chatting with Lara and joking about how as a kid in gradeschool we used to scribble funny pictures of the teachers on the blackboard... a thought came to me in my dreams last night. A kid doodling e=mc2 on the blackboard, the blackboard morphs into a world of energy, which then connects with the other picture. Better drawn than said.

Ontop of all of this I have 8 straight days of work and Thanksgiving is pounding the kitchen. I don't get a break until next Tuesday and that entire day will be spent putting all the drawings to an aluminum panel using some funky black paint. Bare with me if my posts are as frequent, I gotta get into this groove... starting now.