Runway Synopsis

Runway Lead... twice a day I load up 150 lbs. of pans, food, utensils,etc. into Galley truck. Drive 6 miles at 25 mph on the permanent icesheet to the Willy Airfield with a Dining Attendant (Carl, Justin, or Megan). Then set up buffetlines and desserts, clean, eat, take inventory, rock out to the crazy Kiwi radio station, chat with Airforce dudes, chase ghosts and operate as an emergency relief cook (condition 1 whiteout storms). Not too much cooking, but it's all about hanging with the U.S. Air Force/National Guard team in a trailer park on skates, watching planes ski in-and-out of 'town' and penguins waddle along the ice road, tweaking the the food from the main galley to match the customers' tastes (i.e. provolone cheese in mashed potatoes has been on request), whipping up extras like apple-honey butter, and working with multiple leftovers to make up new entres and sides (i.e. combine the plain rice, bean salad, and steam corn to make gallo pinto) that makes it an exciting opportunity.

My backup alarm clock at 7:30 AM. There's four helicopters at the helipad, at least two take off before 8:00 AM. The helos are used for many purposes: search and rescue (SAR), emergency response, transfer of goods to and from Scott Base, aerial footage, etc.