Runway Cargo Crew

I ain't got any fresh pics of my own to upload, but I ripped a few from the shared McMurdo Intranet I:/temp drive. Thanks for the folks who have posted thier photos on the drive, most of the day I'm inside getting food ready for yal and it's nice to see what actually goes on out there. If you want me to post a label of credit for the photo contact me at: cody.meyer@usap.gov and I'd be pleased to do so.

Below is the small twin-otter that flies all over the continent. Most of the time it takes researchers to remote locations and provides aerial views.
The c-130s have been busy being loaded with cargo headed to the South Pole. I heard a few guys saying today that they can't wait until the majority of the South Pole stuff is shipped down because they are just freezing out there. Thank goodness for chili and coffee eh boys? I keep 'em extra hot.

The plane above is only 1 of 2 of their kind in operation. Most of the Hercs have 4 blades per prop, but this on has 8. It's quiter, faster, and if one blade breaks they can rip it off and the prop will still function. It's a test here at the ice to see how it fares.

The ultimate ice firetruck. Later in the season when the snow turns to mush and cracks form I get to drive a truck like this... max speed = 10 mph.