The Prep for Thanksgiving

3 days ago I started seeing guys and girls in the back dock unloading more boxes of food than I have ever seen before. Right away the frozen turkeys and beef tenderloins were brought to the steam kettles to be thawed out under running water.

The bakers have been having a blast making art with dough. I can't wait until they get started on making the 50 pumpkin pies, I have already put my order in for 3 of them :)

The cooks having been having a blast (not) cutting, priming, and organizing 1,000 lbs. of turkey... the last turkey was cut today, now all we have to do is bake them one last time and get them into hotel pans for serving.

My task this morning was to get a sear on 500 lbs. of beef tenderloins in 4 hours. People kept wandering by during lunch asking if they could have some. The vegetarians kept their distance.

My kitchen motto, "Looks good, but tastes better."

Here's Chef Mark, the Head Chef, checking out the turkey assembly line.

Man where's the duck at?

Here's the freeze box where we keep all of our meats, poulty, and fish. We will go through all of what you see within a week.