Photo Grab #3 - Prom Photo Booth

I remember Keith telling me the first day I arrived in New Zealand that all is well at McMurdo until the wishbone breaks (Thanksgiving). After Thanksgiving the screws come loose, but hey at least it's collective. It's only 5 days away and I think things have already... how to say this... have spiced up a bit? become more interesting? stepped beyond the bounds of sanity? Now I see the 'type' of people RPSC and NANA hire, the outsiders, folks like myself who are in search of something totally different... something utterly freezing... something you won't find anywhere else on this planet. It's been a month on the ice, but man everyday it feels like something new is just beginning.

A cute couple.
I guess I better say the same for this one.

Oh Geez.

Behind prom walls.

A few more girls at McMurdo could help some.

Poor guys.

There you go, that'll make it all better.

Cookies too.

Megan was my Runway sidekick.
Karen and her dude. She takes care of the plants in the Greenhouse. There's green stuff here.. what?

"Let's rock, let's roll, let's rock n' roll... all day, and all night, live like there's no tomorrow." - lyrics to one of my songs I wrote at Aylmer St.
The Prom Queen.