Leadership Meeting minutes from Nov. 5 2008

From the Facilities and Engineering Manager -

"Blasting at Power Plant project to create culverts occurred but it did cause some minor damage to the Waste Water treatment plant." (Explosion rocked the poo)

"Wind Turbine – Supply has received parts, they are on the project line, received and in inventory." (Welcome to McMurdo wind turbines, you'll love it here)

From the Waste Management -

"Waste Briefs are still going on. Nobody gets the Paper Towels class, but there are new placards that will explain it much better." (If unsure, there is a 50/50 chance it goes into paper towels even though... it's not a paper towel)

From the Food, Beverage, and Retail Coordinator -

"Fruit Fly problem in B-121 is now taken care of. The fruit flies come in in the pallets with the Beverage order." (The 2008 New Species to Antarctica Award goes to... the Fruit Flies!!!)