Very Little O3 + Brother Sun Awakening

"But ozone also absorbs harmful components of sunlight, known as "ultraviolet B", or "UV-B". High above the surface, above even the weather systems, a tenuous layer of ozone gas absorbs UV-B, protecting living things below." (NASA, 2008). With out relatively normal or above normal concetrations of ozone above my head in the Stratosphere, I'm subject to being 'fed' UV-B radiation.
Source: NASA, Ozone Hole Watch, Nov. 5 2008. <http://ozonewatch.gsfc.nasa.gov/>

Ozone depletion is far greater in the southern latitudes, e.g. Antarctica.

Source: Various Sources,The Ozone Hole. <http://www.theozonehole.com/>

I've noticed a little more solar activity over the last couple months. Reverse-polar sunspots are more pronounced and more numerous.

Source: NOAA, ACE: Real Time Solar Wind Data. Nov. 8, 2008. <http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ace/ace_rtsw_data.html>
The sun's energy output should be now increasing given that we are starting the ascent to the Solar Maximum of Cycle 24.

Source: NASA, MSFC, & Hathaway, Solar Cycle Prediction, Nov. 8, 2008. <http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/predict.shtml>