Antarctica's Halloween 2008

Twas a Saturday night at McMurdo, and like most Saturday nights I found myself hanging in the lounge with the 155 culinary gang.

Then something peculiar walked through the door and sat down next to me. Right then I knew the Halloween Bash on the Ice has just begun.

I went upstairs to see what the ruckus was.

And then the Antarctic Pussycat Dolls stopped me to take their picture.
The girls pointed me north east to the big gym.

Prior to making my way through the gymansium door I had to take a moment to soak in the beauty of the background.

One step through the door a cloud of steam and the stench of booze engulfed my face. Lights, costumes, inflatable statues, loud music and happy faces.

Twas a rave on the ice with bats on the wall and white-bearded scientists hanging in the dark corners.

I stood next to the scientists and trippy lights pondering this act of Halloween. My mission was to capture via media the craziest party at McMurdo. Put aside the Armchair Anthropology and pull out the Lean Against the Wall Wonder.

At the heart of the party is the DJ and his dancer, an asian warrior with a painted salad bowl as a hat.

If only the Penguins could see this, what would they think?