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(Note: McMurdo and Ross Station are constructing a wind turbine power field, when completed should provide the U.S. and New Zealand stations with 30% clean energy. U.S. provides the man/womanpower and New Zealand funds the whole the thing.)

DATE: Friday 31st Oct

TIME: 4 pm / 1600hrs

LOCATION: New Zealand Wind Energy Project Construction Site at T-Site

Five minutes prior to the blasting event roads leading to Building # 70 at T-Site will be off limits.


Construction work for the wind turbine project, To excavate foundations pits for the Wind Turbines


Fire House Dispatch will be notified with the following on Channel Five , MCC Channel .
* One Hour
*Thirty Minute
*15 Minute
*5 Minute Warning.

The 5-second countdown will be given by the Lead Explosives Handler on Channel One.
"An All Clear" will be given on Channel One and normal activity will resume.

Any questions or comments:

Please contact: XXXXXXX
Site Manager
Ross Island Wind Energy Project