Antarctic Boxing Team 2008-2009

So I get off work at 3-4 pm everyday, and don't have to get to bed until 9... hmm what I'm I going to do with all this free time... how about start up the first boxing club in Antarctica?

Yesterday I got the go ahead from the Rec office to start up a boxing/kickboxing class in MacTown. The Rec officer is so excited and she has already signed up. It's probably going to be lots of girls doing it just to keep in shape like it was at the class I taught at in Canada. Of course there is no contact because safety is of highest importance around these parts of the ice, but I still feel like getting the folks hitting stuff just to learn self-defense, burn some calories, and release whatever stress has been built up. 6 days a week I'm on the bag... that's my drug of choice. Let me show you the facilities... below is the heavy weight bunker.

Below here is the Gerbil gym, it's full of tons of cardio equipment (i.e. tredmills, bikes, rowing) and yes the people look like gerbils running in in a cage on a frozen planet. Each building/bunker has it's own bag. I prefer the Gerbil gym bag.

The gerbils in action....
Everyday I work about 10-12 hours carrying/cutting/panning some 500+ lbs. of food to be mass produced in a very hot kitchen. Often I go for an hour hike in ~0 deg F after work. Then spend about an hour or two at the gym... run 3 miles in under 25 minutes, 200 pushups, 100 situps, a few reps of biceps and triceps, and then spend about a half hour on the bag. So, I calculate I burn about 3,000 - 4,000 calories per day. That leaves plenty of room for all you can eat prime rib and pumpkin pie.

Here are a few moves: hook, roundhouse, frontkick, sidekick, front punch. After reviewing them I've found some things I'm doing way wrong. Keep gloves against head, above the ears. Stay balanced. Don't lean to far over. Keep elbows in.